How to Quickly Gain Value from New Employees

In order to get the most out of new employees or help them with the onboarding process, you will need to equip the new employees with the tools and skills in order to succeed. This process will entail a few steps. Here are the 5 ways to equip new employees:

1. Induction

The induction is where the new employee will be introduced to the company and other existing employees. This process must entail helping the new employee to get comfortable in the new environment, showing them around the new space, where they their desk is, what their roles and responsibilities are , who does what role that will assist them in their role and what is expected of them.

2. On-boarding

This is a process where employees move from being ousiders in an organisation to being insiders according to Rothmann. During this process employees must acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours in order to become ‘insiders’ or part of the team. The employee will further need to obtain an understanding of the culture and the way people do things in the company. If this process is done right, then employees can be more productive faster.It also will improve employee engagement, improve employee retention and achieve better integration of the new hire. The on-boarding process needs to start during your interview phase in order to give employees an idea of the culture of the organisation. There are four areas that employees will need tomaster for a great onboarding experience:

  • Business Orientation,
  • Expectation Alignment
  • Political Connection
  • Cultural Adaptation


3. Co-worker network

The new employee needs to be introduced to the network that he/she will be working with. If the employee is well informed and introduced in the beginning to who he/she can go for required or different type of information then the adaption into the new space will work much better. An organisational hierarchy chart or organo-gram can also be provided to the employee in order to see who fits in where.

4. Training

If the employee needs to receive training on the various systems or procedures, this can be done in the first week of the induction process in order for the employee to be well equipped with the right skills and knowledge.

5. Get the employee working

After the training is completed the employee will nees to start engaging with work tasks as this is the will get them settled in the quickest. By starting to work the employee will be exposed to the culture of the organisation and see how things are being done.

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