What to avoid during the Recruitment Process

Recruitment appears to be more challenging today than ever before due to the recession which has led to smaller recruitment budgets and fewer resources. Although the employment rate has gone up, the talent pool is small. Employers still struggle to find the right employees for the jobs available and it sometimes takes up to two months to fill an open vacancy.

Companies cannot afford the cost associated with hiring unskilled workers, high turnover rates and the time spent on hiring new employees. In addition to this, various companies do not follow the correct recruitment procedures either due to a lack of knowledge or due to a lack of resources. Some companies do not have qualified Human Resource personnel who are trained to follow the correct procedure and small to medium companies often do not have a Human Resources department with a Human Resource Manager who has the right recruitment skills. If the recruiter is not trained then the following errors are likely be made:

1. Incorrect interview process:

A recruiter who does not have training may not know that all the interviews need to be done according to the same standard. Firstly, an interview schedule needs to be drawn up that will be used for all candidates to ensure that all candidates are asked the same questions. The same tone of voice and friendliness needs to be used for all interviews. All candidates should be provided with the same information.

2. Biased behaviour:

If a recruiter is not trained then the recruiter will not know the correct approach to use during an interview and may not be objective towards the candidate. The recruiter will not know what characteristics to look for in a candidate and will only select the candidate that he/she likes the most. This may mean that the best candidate in terms of skills and attitude can be moved aside as the recruiter can be biased based on appearance as an example.

3. Psychometric testing:

In addition to being biased, psychometric instruments will not be used which means that the final decision will only be based on the recruiters opinion and there will be no other evidence to support this. An Assessment Centre or Psychometric testing will need to be used in order to gain a more holistic perspective of a candidate. An assessment centre should provide the following: an interview; a personality, an ability and interest test and a case study or in-basket exercise can be done to test how the candidate will conduct on the job tasks.

The above mentioned errors can lead to the recruitment of the wrong employees which can lead to high staff turnover and unnecessary costs for the company.

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