PROCUREMENT INTERNSHIP IN THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Grade 12 S.A Citizen Proficient in English 0-1 years’ procurement experience Position based in Pretoria APPLY WITH THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS: Identity document  Curriculum Vitae Certificates of all qualifications Email: bernard@atatraining.co.za Closing date: 30 September 2019 PROCUREMENT MANAGER IN THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Grade 12  S.A. Citizen Proficient in […]

How to Quickly Gain Value from New Employees

In order to get the most out of new employees or help them with the onboarding process, you will need to equip the new employees with the tools and skills in order to succeed. This process will entail a few steps. Here are the 5 ways to equip new employees: 1. Induction The induction is […]

What Every Company Should Know Before Placing Candidates

Every company wants the best employees to work for them, the higher the candidate quality that your company can employ, the better the customer service and customer experience levels will be and the results will show. The ever-changing and dynamic business environment of today,  also requires that organisations need human capital in order to gain […]

What to avoid during the Recruitment Process

Recruitment appears to be more challenging today than ever before due to the recession which has led to smaller recruitment budgets and fewer resources. Although the employment rate has gone up, the talent pool is small. Employers still struggle to find the right employees for the jobs available and it sometimes takes up to two […]